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Populace is a ceramic art installation that marks the 150th year of Canada as a nation, recognizing Canada's founders at the time of Confederation. Populace honours Canada's past, transforms its experience today and celebrates ceramic art in the community as an authentic and significant art form. Notre mission est de célébrer le passé du Canada, transformer son avenir et tisser des liens entre l'art de la céramique et la communauté.

Final Countdown

As we reach mid-May and with the long weekend approaching, there are few more fleurs de lys that are being constructed to complete the 3000 count!  After that, all 9000 sculptures for the installation will be completed.  Potters continue to work on the glazing process night and day.   Already in the storage facility there are 5000 finished and wrapped sculptures waiting for the week of June.  Beginning mid-June, the installation process will begin at the Canadian Museum of Nature.  Unveiling will take place on June 17, 2017!

  400 ROSES


On a beautiful sunny day, we met Natalie, a Carleton University Journalism student who interviewed us regarding Populace for Centretown News.   The interview was held in Hilde’s bright and beautiful home and studio and were pleased to have an opportunity to talk out the Ottawa Guild of Potters, our funding organizations and sponsors, our makers, our workshops and many of the other activities in which we have been engaged since March last year.  Populace is gearing up for its final stage of reaching 9000 hand-built clay sculptures for Canada’s 150th celebrations.

Populace Goes To a Concert

The Populace team and the Ottawa Guild of Potters were hosted by the Angela Hewitt Odyssey II concert and reception.  It was an honour to be included in such a prestigious event.  Kirstin, Hilde and Johanna met many inquisitive and enthusiastic concert patrons and were delighted to speak with over 200 individuals before and after the concert.  To be invited to the reception following the concert was a particular pleasure as Populace met with many people from the artistic community who are deeply committed to supporting the arts in Ottawa.