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Thanks Glebe!

Students at Glebe Collegiate Institute made roses and feathers for Populace 2017!  One student remarked, “I never knew I could make something so beautiful with my own two hands.”  Isn’t that wonderful?!  We love the growth we see in the students and we are enriched by the smiles that spread across their faces when they stand back and look at their finished pieces.  When I began, I imagined that members of The Ottawa Guild of Potters would primarily make the installation.  Hundreds of sculptures later, many of which were made by high school students like these, I declare myself to have been quite wrong!  This project is growing our clay community, connecting over 500 people so far and counting!  So, thank you Glebe students and your wonderful teacher for being a part of this group of makers.  You did a beautiful job!

-Kirstin Davidson, Populace Coordinator

Thanks ASH!

All Saints Catholic High School in Kanata made beautiful Populace roses, feathers and lilies on a cold day in December.  The grade 9 “Exploring Aboriginal Art and Culture” class created some stunning feathers and learned the art of stretching clay so that the long feather template would fit.  The grade 9 art class were pros at rose making.  They worked together in teams, sharing templates and helping each other with their assembly of the rose.  The oldest group – the grade 12 art class – took on the challenge of making the fleurs de lis.  Although it has fewer pieces than the rose, it is built upside down, not something for the spatial-relations challenged!  However, they were all successful builders who created fine examples of the lily, recognizing the French who were here at the time of Confederation.  It was so interesting to see the progress that each student made with their respective pieces.  Those who seemed hesitant at first produced fine, considered work. Those who jumped right in produced spirited and expressive pieces.  They are eager to see the finished garden next spring, as are we!  Thank you All Saints!

Making at Ridgemont High School

2016-10-21-11-44-53      Works of art

In October, Ridgemont High School was introduced to Populace.  It was the first time that most students had touched clay and yet, all were able to create some very beautiful roses for the project.

2016-10-21-11-22-50     Amazing students

For the first session, students who are brand new Canadians, had a chance to try their hands at making a clay rose.  Judy Lazier is an art teacher who is responsible for bringing Populace to Ridgemont and Ridgemont to us.

2016-10-21-11-24-46   A single rose beautifully crafted

Ridgemont High School has a goal to create 200 feathers and flowers for Populace.